Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Category: Game
Developer: Rockstar Games
Latest Version: 1.09
Publish: 2020, 28, 07
Size: 7.3M
Views: 1
Downloads: 0


GTA vice city has been released after GTA 3; in vice city stories, you will find lots of differences in game playing even though they are made on the same gaming engine.

Basic update in GTA vice city is Audio, and it’s predecessor, GTA 3 is a silent game. You will find speaking characters in vice city.

You will find more depth and complication in missions of GTA vice city than GTA 3. Also in vice city lightings done on the building seems nice.

Bikes and cars in the vice city are better than GTA 3 as well. You will find a number of varieties in these vehicles.

In GTA vice city you will see several clubs and bars which were not in GTA3. It seems evident as the vice city is inspired by Miami.

You will get military choppers in vice city, by using those choppers you can land on the top of 99 percent building of the city and take a view from there.

Weapons given in vice city are also different from GTA3; in the vice city, you can mainly aim at any specific target, which you couldn’t in GTA 3.

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